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Top 5 reasons to live and study in Warrnambool

January 17, 2020 - 5 min read

Australia often features on “must visit” destination lists. Usually it is because of the natural wonders you won’t find anywhere else, such as the Great Barrier Reef, vast outback or surf beaches. Yet the truth is many Australians haven’t experienced such wonders because they live in cities away from the country’s natural attractions.

Imagine if you could experience the Australia of your dreams, every day! The wide-open spaces, the fresh air, the dramatic coastline, the local saying “G’day”. This great Australian dream exists and it is located in the south-west Victorian coastal city of Warrnambool.

What’s more, the Australian government has recently announced the creation of new Temporary Graduate Visas, which will be available to graduates from regional universities from 2021. This incentive means that eligible students can receive up to two extra years of post-study work rights – allowing them to live in Australia for four years after completing their study. With Deakin University’s campus located in the regional town of Warrnambool, we are one of the leading Australian universities able to offer this opportunity to students like you.

Here are five reasons why you should live and study in Warrnambool.

1. Australia’s most liveable regional city

With Warrnambool’s historic buildings and stunning seaside views, you can feel the history of this ocean town as you walk its streets. And the air is so fresh – you can smell the sea and hear the singing of birds all the time. It is no surprise Warrnambool was awarded Australia’s most liveable regional city in 2018 (IPSOS Life in Australia Study).

This beautiful town has everything you need. As a city of 34,000 people, and growing, it is home to great shopping centres, cinemas, a university campus and restaurants – and without the traffic and noise. Warrnambool is a welcoming community where you can safely walk around and enjoy what the town has to offer.

Warrnambool is also well served by public transport with local buses and a train to Geelong and onto Melbourne up to four times a day.

2. Safety and sense of community

Warrnambool is the centre for farmers and smaller towns across the region, as well as people from many cultures, so the town is accustomed to welcoming many different people. The welcome is so warm that some international students who arrived to study are now living and working in the community!

In fact, high scores for safety and sense of community in Warrnambool were two of the major areas that boosted the region to the top spot in the Ipsos Life in Australia study. You will enjoy the feeling of safety and the peaceful environment, whether you are on campus, in town or exploring the surrounding area.

“It is no surprise Warrnambool was awarded Australia’s most liveable regional city in 2018.”

3. So much to see and do

Warrnambool is surrounded by world-renowned natural attractions. The biggest is something every visitor to Australia wants to experience – the Great Ocean Road. It is one of the most famous coastal roads in the world, a 248km stretch that ends right on Warrnambool’s doorstep. And the most stunning feature, that most people coming from Melbourne see last, is closest to Warrnambool: The Twelve Apostles are truly impressive limestone features standing tall in the surf.

Warrnambool is also close by other incredible attractions, including the Moyjil viewpoint, Tower Hill wildlife reserve, Budj Bim and the Grampians National Park. Plus, between June and September most years whales migrate from Antarctica to the warmer Australian waters to give birth to their calves. In Warrnambool you can see these magnificent creatures just 100 metres from the shore. You will have a front row seat to nature in your new backyard.

4. A world-class university and scholarships for living on campus!

When you arrive in Warrnambool, you will want to stay longer than just a visit. Deakin University – ranked in the top 1% worldwide – has a campus here. Set on the banks of the picturesque Hopkins River, Deakin’s Warrnambool Campus has 94 hectares of natural beauty and a vibrant campus life. It even has its own train station! You can study Marine Biology, Education, Nursing or Commerce, and gain qualifications for a great career. What’s more, as a Deakin student in Warrnambool you can take advantage of a range of visa and scholarship opportunities.

The Australian Government’s Destination Australia scholarships support international students to study in regional Australia. You could receive A$15 000 each year of study to put towards your living costs in Warrnambool. Deakin’s Warrnambool Residential International Scholarships and Warrnambool Campus International Bursary also offer significant savings on your tuition and accommodation costs.

5. Affordable and vibrant city

Warrnambool is a thriving and vibrant city – so you won’t get bored around town either. Warrnambool has a modern art gallery, library, Maritime Museum and village, botanic gardens, Lake Pertobe, farmers markets, sporting facilities and more. And with an arts scene and endless sporting clubs to join, the town has much to offer. It also offers a lower cost of living than major cities like Melbourne, making it a cost-effective choice.

Plus, Warrnambool offers good employment prospects. The community welcomes students in part-time jobs while they study, and Deakin can support you in finding valuable internships and work experience opportunities relevant to your degree. Many students choose to stay in Warrnambool after they finish their degree, taking advantage of local job opportunities and their post-study work rights.

With so many reasons to study in Warrnambool, why wait? Have a chat to Deakin today and learn how you can experience this dream destination while getting a world- class education.

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