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The pandemic strengthened my desire to work in the health sector

October 26, 2021 - 5 min read

My name is Samantha and I am from the Philippines, from an island called Visayas. It is the third largest island among 7641 in our archipelago and is known for its pristine beaches. You may have heard of the Tagalog language, but where I grew up, we speak a different language called Bisaya.

I have always had the desire to work in the health industry and I have always been interested in studying abroad. So when Deakin University was one of the universities that presented in an education exhibit in my country, I knew I wanted to attend. I have taken up Deakin’s Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in Family, Society and Health; and Health Promotion.

How I applied and my tips to aspiring students

The education agency IDP helped me through my whole application journey. It was their event that introduced me to Deakin. I also had my IELTS exam, which is the English language test that international students need to accomplish through IDP.  I was assigned an education counsellor who gave me the documents I needed and walked me through the whole process. I was blessed enough to have most of my documents ready, which made it easier for her and me to collaborate on the deadlines as to when I needed to send the files.

Since my heart was set on studying at Deakin, I had most of my requirements ready. I would advise future students to schedule their IELTS exam as soon as possible. Slots are limited due to the pandemic, and it would take a few weeks for the results to come out. Bank statements and certifications are also required, it is helpful to request them from the bank earlier. My mother had to travel to Manila for some documents even though I am from Cebu.

Deakin asked for additional documents to explain the gap in my résumé, but as soon as I sent the letter of explanation, everything went smoothly. I could not remember the exact timeframe on how long I waited, but it could not have been more than four weeks. I was surprised at how fast I was sent my offer letter. I was happy to have been accepted, but it was also a nerve-wracking feeling because it started to feel real. Luckily, my mom was very encouraging, and I felt very supported.

Covid-19 strengthened my desire to work in health as I know that this pandemic has affected everyone in different ways

I aspire that one day I may be able to help people live happier and healthy lives – not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Personally, my mother and the rest of my family tried their best in raising me in an environment where I felt loved, supported, and cared for. With the degree I am taking and the opportunities that will be open to me, I am hopeful to help support and take care of others, too.

I spent my first trimester at Deakin online as I am still in the Philippines due to the borders being closed. Admittedly, it was quite an adjustment at first but Deakin made everything accessible and helpful to new students like me. From my enrolment to the adjustments I had during the trimester, Deakin made it easy and comfortable. Every enquiry I raised was answered and every concern I had was listened to. I can say that apart from not being on campus, I did not feel like I missed out while I was studying online.

Signing up for Deakin’s Peer Mentoring Program gave me great support in the first few weeks of the study period. I could ask my student mentor questions and share experiences with my fellow students in the group. This was important to me as this made me feel like I belonged in the University’s community. There are so many support services available to students, and I am excited to explore them in the coming trimesters.

From my enrolment to the adjustments I had during the trimester, Deakin made it easy and comfortable. Every enquiry I raised was answered and every concern I had was listened to.

Progressing in my studies

I have found that my unit chairs and instructors are not only supportive, but they are also available to answer the concerns and questions of students. They made attending the seminars fun and insightful. I am grateful that they also made sure that the seminars were engaging and inclusive.

As I progress and complete the course I am taking, I am excited to hopefully put the knowledge I have gained into action through work and experience. I have only finished one trimester at Deakin, and I already know that I will enjoy the rest of my time here even more!

For those who are considering studying at Deakin, you will not regret taking the chance. It may seem daunting, and the wait may be a little overwhelming, but Deakin supports and guides their aspiring students through the process. Take that leap of faith and you will be surprised to see what you can do outside your comfort zone.

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