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My dream to work in food and nutrition

May 17, 2021 - 4 min read

Hi, I am Sherlyn Ardison from Bali, Indonesia. It has been almost one year since I started my study at Deakin. In February 2020, I decided to transfer school from China to Australia. At that time, I had no idea which university would be the best fit for me. Then after doing some research, I found Deakin University.

Deakin is known for its high-quality education. Graduates are bound to have an excellent career path ahead of them and are fully supported in achieving their goals. Well, that is true! Although I started my study at Deakin just last year, I have felt the support multiple times. Deakin has many excellent support services and teachers and staff that have made my study easier throughout this year. What I like the most about Deakin is that Deakin treats and cares for us like a family!

I am studying the Bachelor of Nutrition Science with a food innovation major. Since high school, I have had a growing interest in food nutrition and all the related sciences. At first, I thought that was just a passing interest. However, every time someone asked me, ‘What is your dream job?’, I spontaneously answered, working in the food and nutrition-related area, helping people become aware of the food they eat. As time passed, I realised that this is the career I want to pursue; therefore, I chose this course.

“What I like the most about Deakin is that Deakin treats and cares for us like a family!”

People nowadays often eat mindlessly, choosing fast food over healthier options. These bad eating habits have put many people at risk of developing obesity and related diseases such as heart disease. This has encouraged me more to learn about the nutritional value of food. Having deeper knowledge about the role of nutrition will give me the tools to enhance people’s awareness of healthy eating practices and give them guidance in choosing food options.

Due to the pandemic, my study has been online since the first trimester. At first, I was disappointed because I cannot get the on-campus experience. But then, I found that the online learning Deakin offers is not bad. In fact, I was surprised that Deakin can do it very well! I am so satisfied in terms of learning materials and teaching. All classes and seminars are recorded, and there is an online version of practical classes for students offshore. Although it is hard to interact with friends and I cannot get the on-campus life and learning experience with online learning, it is the best for this current situation for me.

Furthermore, the teachers also always support us. There is a discussion board where students can post their questions regarding the learning materials or assignments. Of course, it is not as efficient as talking face to face, but the teachers always answer all our questions patiently to help clear our confusion.

After graduating from Deakin, I would like to get some work experience in Australia, particularly in Melbourne, to hone my skills. I hope to work in a food company, helping create nutritious food products that benefit others. Then, maybe one day, after having enough money, I could open my own café or restaurant offering healthy food.

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