Meet the 2021 Study Geelong Ambassadors

February 15, 2021 - 5 min read

Deakin University and the city of Geelong have had a close relationship ever since the University was first founded at Waurn Ponds in 1974. Now as students from around the world come to study at Deakin’s two Geelong campuses, they also fall in love with the local community and lifestyle.

Each year, Study Geelong chooses a group of student ambassadors to promote Geelong as a friendly place to learn, live and explore, through storytelling on social media. Both local and international students are eligible to apply, and many Deakin students and graduates are chosen for this exciting role each year.

Simone Budd from Study Geelong explained that the ambassadors play an important role in helping international students make the most of their time in Geelong and strengthen relationships with the local community. The ambassadors also gain valuable opportunities for personal development, career support and building leadership skills.

‘When selecting ambassadors we look for students and graduates who are friendly, reliable, show initiative and are great team members. Most importantly they will genuinely love studying, living and exploring in Geelong and want to engage with other students and the local community,’ says Simone.

We want to introduce you to four of the recently announced 2021 Study Geelong Ambassadors, to discover why they love studying at Deakin and in Geelong.

Lasith – ‘As a photographer, I love to travel around the area’

Lasith from Sri Lanka is currently studying undergraduate engineering. He is also a talented photographer with an impressive Instagram following! Lasith decided to study at Deakin in Geelong because of the University’s impressive international reputation.

‘Cultural diversity is also one of the main reasons,’ says Lasith. ‘I love that Geelong is a quiet and a peaceful area. I can learn new things about heritage buildings and contemporary architecture. And even though Geelong is called a regional town, we have world-class facilities here.’

Lasith discovered Study Geelong when he first moved to the city. He decided to apply to become a Study Geelong Ambassador because ‘it’s all about learn, live and explore in Geelong.’

‘I love to learn new things, I think this will be a great opportunity to improve my leadership qualities.’

Shandy Mae – ‘Friendly people, great hangouts and beautiful scenery’

‘As a marine biology graduate, I had to choose between the Warrnambool campus versus the Geelong campus. I eventually chose Geelong because it’s such a great location for me to move around and explore Victoria,’ says Shandy Mae from Singapore.

Shandy, who has now graduated from her Bachelor of Environmental Science degree, first heard about the Study Geelong Ambassador program after attending an event. As an ambassador she is most excited to ‘make new friends from around the world and share stories of our life here in Geelong’ – as well as the great professional development opportunities she will have.

Shandy loved her experience studying in Geelong, and still lives in the city after graduating.

‘It’s a great balance because, after a long day of studying you can easily take a walk along the waterfront and enjoy yourself. Not to mention, Deakin’s great learning facilities where I spent most of my time doing my assignments. They really create a perfect environment for you to focus on your studies.’

“Shandy loved her experience studying in Geelong, and still lives in the city after graduating.”

Asef – ‘Geelong is the place to be for studying’

Asef from Bangladesh says that studying in Geelong was just ‘meant to be’. He was offered the Deakin International Vice-Chancellor Scholarship and his chosen degree – the Master of Engineering (Mechatronics) was offered at Deakin’s Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus.

After hearing about the Study Geelong Ambassador program at OWeek and on social media, Asef was inspired to apply. He hopes that being an ambassador will ‘allow me to be a more integral part of the student community and the Geelong community in general.’

‘Deakin is one of the finest universities in Australia and the opportunity to study in a relaxing and soothing environment that Geelong offers is like a cherry on top of the cake. Pleasant weather, diverse culture, beautiful beaches, some great restaurants, and cafés, just an hour off Melbourne…what else can one ask for? Geelong offers the perfect balance of studying and enjoying that everyone needs!’

Megan – ‘I can follow my own pace depending on my moods and needs’

‘I was keen on enrolling in a masters in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics program. All the universities in Victoria are top of the line but what made Deakin stood out to me was their history of high student satisfaction ratings,’ says Megan from the Philippines.

Like Asef, Megan discovered that her degree of choice was offered at the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus, and she says, ‘I am thanking my lucky stars.’ Megan loves the balance of life in Geelong – opportunities to study, relax, party, experience nature and have Melbourne so close by. She also appreciates that Geelong is safe, welcoming and affordable.

Megan first heard about the Study Geelong Ambassador program from a classmate. ‘He mentioned about the mentoring program that Study Geelong organized for him. He was paired with someone working in the industry to help him navigate the professional world. I saw it as an excellent opportunity and I immediately asked him how to join.’

Aside from learning more about Geelong, Megan is most excited to welcoming and helping other international students. ‘If you can, be brave and take the shot. Study overseas. I am excited to see you around Geelong soon!’

For information about studying at Deakin and to view the many degrees on offer, visit our international student page.

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