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Finding my ground at Deakin

October 26, 2021 - 4 min read

My name is Jolene and I am from the Philippines. I am currently studying the Bachelor of Psychological Science.

I have always been a shy and reserved person, and I love being in control of everything around me. Though I had that control through high school, I felt like I was holding back and not growing into the person I could be. Because of this, I decided that studying abroad would be a good way for me to become more independent and learn more about the world.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, I initially felt discouraged about my plans to study in Australia. However, I did not let this discouragement hinder me from achieving my goals. I soon saw it as an opportunity to finally take the risk. I decided to apply into the Foundation Program (Standard) at Deakin College for my final year of high school.

Applying to Deakin through an education agent

I first heard of Deakin University when meeting with an education agent in Manila. Since Deakin offers high quality education in the field of psychology, I had my eyes set on applying after I graduated from my secondary education.

My education counsellor was extremely helpful during my application process. She provided me with all the application forms and requirements I had to submit. She also coordinated with Deakin College and Deakin University when I had any questions or concerns. Being under 18 years old at the time, I had several requirements regarding guardianship and accommodation, which took a relatively long time to obtain. However, my education agent was very knowledgeable and collaborative in giving me the guidance I needed to complete these as soon as possible.

Three weeks after submitting all my requirements, I got an offer to study at Deakin through the Foundation Program Pathway. I was ecstatic to learn about my acceptance, and I couldn’t wait to begin my Deakin journey.

Beginning my Deakin journey at Deakin College

I started my studies online in Deakin College in October 2020. Deakin College was a good avenue to transition to university. Since the classes only had a few students, I was able to get to know my peers well. Deakin College also offers many support services to international students who are trying to adjust to the education system.

The lecturers, student advisors, and student mentors were all extremely supportive in helping students reach their goals for their education. However, the thing I value most about my time in Deakin College was the chance to learn about Australia as a multicultural society. Through exposure to people from different backgrounds, I was able to gain a better understanding of cultural appreciation. Though my studies are online, I have the opportunity of learning about other cultures as well as sharing aspects of my own.

Doing my bachelor degree at Deakin University

Following my Foundation Program, I transferred to Deakin University in July of 2021 for my bachelor degree. It was initially a pretty daunting experience, but as the first few weeks went by I started to find my ground. Deakin was really helpful in my adjustment to university study through academic and social support services.

In addition, the lecturers are very understanding and supportive in providing me with the resources I need to succeed. They put much emphasis on learning things that are relevant not only to our knowledge of the subject, but also to our future careers. Furthermore, Deakin has allowed me many opportunities to meet new people from a variety of places. I soon found a sense of community, and I found myself slowly stepping out of my comfort zone.

In the short time I have been in Deakin, I have learned so much about myself that I hope to carry with me as I continue my journey. I chose to study at Deakin because they offered world-class education in the field of psychology, but when I started my Deakin journey, I found they had so much more. I am excited to resume my studies at Deakin and continue to learn, discover, and grow.

Though my studies are online, I have the opportunity of learning about other cultures as well as sharing aspects of my own.

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