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Arts degrees for the future

May 7, 2024 - 4 min read

In our rapidly evolving world, people are employed in careers that did not exist a decade ago. Technology and globalisation have us working in ways we never imagined. At Deakin University, we know that being future-ready means being prepared to learn new skills and adapt to new ways of thinking.

It’s a common misconception that an arts degree doesn’t lead to a meaningful career. But the truth is that arts degrees have always been incredibly popular because of where they can take you.

When Andriana Mantzouranis enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce double degree at Deakin, she discovered a world of possibilities. ‘When I started university, I didn’t know most of the jobs I’ve held even existed,’ she says. ‘But by being flexible and open to the unexpected, I’ve had the chance to try my hand in several different industries.’

‘Many of today’s fastest-growing careers didn’t exist five years ago,’ explains Professor Chad Whelan from Deakin’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  ‘The best way to maximise your career outcomes is to develop a broad-based knowledge and skillset – which is exactly what you will do through an arts degree.’

Many students study overseas to enhance their career prospects both at home and globally. Australian education is highly respected and degrees from top institutions such as Deakin University are recognised globally. At Deakin, career readiness comes from practical learning coupled with the transferrable skills embedded in our degrees. Our arts degrees focus innovation, employability and sustainability. Our graduates develop critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills.

‘Our goal is to enhance students’ employability and career prospects from the day they begin learning with us,’ says Katrina Clifford, Director of Employability in Deakin’s Faculty of Arts and Education.

Deakin arts degrees attract a diverse group of students

An arts degree can be a great start to your career

‘We design courses that put career success at the centre of our students’ learning, rather than as an add-on component. We want to equip our graduates for leadership roles and an entrepreneurial mindset for business,’ continues Katrina.

Focusing on your future dreams

From day one, Deakin students focus on their professional and personal goals. You decide what you want to do with your future and we help you develop the tools to succeed.

In each degree, you can design your own learning journey by choosing units that lead to your ideal career. By combining specific majors and minors, you can prepare for a career that values diversity and creativity. For example, Bachelor of Arts students can take majors in media and communication and international relations – preparing them for careers such as strategic international communications, campaign management and environmental policy advice.

In your final year of study, you get to apply your learning in a real-world setting. With at least 100 hours of work experience built into each program, you can build connections and create your own professional identity.

Becoming a good global citizen

A highlight of Deakin’s arts degrees is the focus on globalisation. Students acquire the critical thinking and leadership skills to address global issues with the knowledge, passion and empathy to drive change. With an understanding of how their local situation fits globally, our graduates are well-equipped to be future leaders.

My degree not only taught me how to be a good human, it taught me to be a visionary thinker.

For Claire Faulmann, a double degree in arts and international relations provided the skills she needs to lead others with humanity. ‘I have a keen interest in social justice. My degree not only taught me how to be a good human, it taught me to be a visionary thinker,’ Claire explains.

‘Through an international study tour in New Delhi – a truly eye-opening experience – I learned how to understand and interact with people from different cultures with empathy. It’s a transferable skill that cannot be underestimated.’

Career Opportunities

The range of careers available to arts graduates is broad. Students who study arts, humanities and social sciences are highly valued by employers across a wide range of industries. Opportunities exist in fields such as government and non-government organisations, media, education and the creative arts. There are even positions for arts graduates in the science and technology industries.

Andriana’s degree has led her to some unexpected places.  ‘I have always accidentally found myself in STEM industries,’ she explains. ‘My critical thinking skills and problem-solving ability are key to my success.’

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