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An education agent can help you apply to Deakin

May 1, 2024 - 3 min read

Every year, thousands of students from around the world apply to study at Deakin University in Australia. Though we try to make it easy, it can be an overwhelming process. The course names might be different than what is available to you at home. The eligibility criteria can differ depending on where you previously studied. There are many documents you need to provide.

This is why many applicants engage with a Deakin authorised agent for the application process. Their knowledge of Deakin and their experience can make the process easier for you.

‘The education agency helped me through my whole application journey,’ Samantha tells us. Originally from the Philippines, Samantha was looking for an international nursing degree. ‘It was their event that introduced me to Deakin. I was assigned an education counsellor who gave me the documents I needed and walked me through the whole process. I also had my IELTS exam through them.’

Deakin authorized agents are trained in all things related to the university. They know about our courses, the entry requirements and the learning outcomes. Noel wanted to return to university for a masters degree following 10 years working as a nurse. The course he wanted was not available for intake at a convenient time for him. But, he says, ‘I still wanted to live out my dream of caring for people.’ He engaged with a Deakin agent. ‘They took their time to get to know me and my plans and took care of everything. So with my background in nursing and my work experience as a manager, and the guidance of how this course fit my goals, I decided to apply for the Master of Public Health.’

Agents are also able to assist with scholarship applications. ‘I decided to explore institutions with the help of an education agent. That was when I heard about Deakin and the hands-on learning that the Master of Communication program has to offer,’ Reinhard says. ‘My agent informed me of the Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship so I decided to apply.’ With his agent’s help, Reinhard secured the scholarship and received financial support for his entire degree.

Many students have personal circumstances that agents can help with. While in secondary school, Jolene knew she wanted to study psychology in Australia. ‘I first heard of Deakin University when meeting with an education agent in Manila,’ she said. Jolene wanted to start her Deakin University journey in a foundation program at Deakin College. ‘Being under 18 years old at the time, I had several requirements regarding guardianship and accommodation,’ Jolene recalls. ‘My education agent was very knowledgeable and collaborative in giving me the guidance I needed to complete these as soon as possible. She also coordinated with Deakin College and Deakin University when I had any questions or concerns.’

Citizens of some countries are required to complete their Deakin application through an agent – you can find the country list on our website. While applicants outside these countries do not require an agent, we still recommend speaking to one prior to applying! When engaging with an agent, please ensure they are a Deakin authorised agent.

More details about Deakin agents are available here.

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